Vector specialises in all aspects of geotechnical operations including inspections, stabilisation and maintenance work.

  • Stabilisation of cliffs and slopes,
  • Drilling and installation of rock bolts and anchors of various diameters and lengths,
  • Netting installation,
  • Weep hole installation,
  • Clearing of vegetation or dangerous trees,
  • Arboricultural work,
  • Inspections for insurance purposes.

Cliff and slope stabilization is an erosion control technique. This is most suitable for softer or less stable cliffs. Generally speaking, the cliffs are stabilised through de-watering (drainage of excess rainwater to reduce water-logging) or anchoring (the use of terracing, planting, wiring or concrete supports to hold the ground in place).

The anchoring stabilisation process involves the insertion of relatively slender reinforcing elements into the slope, often solid or hollow-system bar. Solid bars are usually installed into pre-drilled holes and then grouted into place using a separate grout line, whereas hollow bars may be drilled and grouted simultaneously by the use of a sacrificial drill bit and by pumping grout down the hollow bar as drilling progresses. Kinetic methods of firing relatively short bars into soil slopes have also been developed. Bars installed using drilling techniques are usually fully grouted and installed at a slight downward inclination with bars installed at regularly spaced
intervals across the slope face.

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